Our Mission

The mission of the Midwest Hydro Users Group (MHUG) is to promote safe, reliable, economical, and environmentally responsible hydropower in the Midwest by providing members with opportunities to learn, share information, and network with others in the industry.

MHUG is a non-profit volunteer organization comprised of dam owners, hydroelectric plant operators, developers, consultants, contractors, and suppliers.  We are over 100 members strong and growing.

Annually, Spring and Fall conferences are held with one more centrally located and one at an area of interest in the Midwest.   A wide range of subjects are presented and discussed including dam safety, public safety, operations and maintenance, asset management, regulatory compliance, legislative initiatives, security, and environmental topics.  Speakers include MHUG members as well as visitors representing universities, research institutes, regulatory agencies, consulting firms, contractors, and equipment suppliers.

MHUG promotes and enhances the region’s renewable waterpower energy resources as well as hydropower’s numerous ancillary benefits.