About MHUG

Board & Committee Chairs

Board Members President: Rory AlsbergEmail: [email protected] Vice President: Virgil SchlorkeEmail: [email protected] Treasurer: Jamie NuthalsEmail: [email protected] Secretary: Whitney HansenEmail: [email protected] Rob VyvyanEmail: [email protected] Mark KayserEmail: [email protected] Darrin JohnsonEmail: [email protected] Committee Chairs Operations & Maintenance Chair: Sandy FroeschnerEmail: [email protected] Dam and Public Safety Chair: Jeff AndersonEmail: [email protected] Communications & Membership Chair: Ellen FaulknerEmail: [email protected] Strategic Planning Chair: Scott KlabundeEmail: [email protected] Regulatory & Legislative Chair: Lesley BrotkowskiEmail: [email protected] NHA Liaison Mike PedersenEmail: [email protected]

Industry Links

Want more information on hydropower? Check out these links to our friends in the industry. National Hydropower Association FERC Midwest Energy News Association of State Dam Safety Officials

Member Companies

OWNERS Alliant Energy American Electric Power Black River Falls Municipal Utilities Brainerd Public Utilities Bryan Municipal Light & Water Utility Consumers Energy Company Consolidated Water Power Company Dairyland Power Cooperative Dakota County Water Resources Department Domtar Eagle Creek Renewable Energy Electric Cooperative of Arkansas Gresham Municipal Utilities Kaukauna Utilities Marquette Board of Light & Power […]

Our History

These licensees decided to meet periodically to discuss the steps needed and to determine if some cooperation with joint licensing studies, other licensee training or meetings might be appropriate. At that time and into 1991, these meetings had no formal organization, no Board of Directors, no membership fees (only fees to recover meeting costs) and […]

Our Mission

MHUG is a non-profit volunteer organization comprised of dam owners, hydroelectric plant operators, developers, consultants, contractors, and suppliers.  We are over 100 members strong and growing. Annually, Spring and Fall conferences are held with one more centrally located and one at an area of interest in the Midwest.   A wide range of subjects are […]