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Did you Know?

Fun facts about hydropower in the Midwest


Home to Hydropower

  • The World's first hydroelectric power plant was built in Appleton, Wisconsin on the Fox River.  In 1882 the Appleton Edison Light Company began generating electricity to power the home of a prominent papermill owner.


The Largest Source of Clean Energy

  • Hydropower is the largest source of clean energy, accounting for roughly 7% of total power produced in the United States and 19% in the World.  All other renewables combined equate to only 3% of power production in the United States. (USGS)


Clean Power for Future Generations

  • Hydroelectric dams are long-term power generators that can last more than 100 years. This is roughly 5X the average lifespan of other renewable generators such as wind and solar.


Benefits Beyond Power

  • Not only do hydrodams generate electricity, but they create several benefits such as flood control, irrigation, recreation, and wildlife habitat.