Safe, Efficient, Economical, Power.

The Midwest Hydro Users Group (MHUG) is a non-profit corporation of dam owners, hydroelectric plant operators, developers, consultants, as well as hydro contractors and suppliers whose joint purpose is to promote the safe, efficient, and economical production of hydropower through the increased knowledge and cooperation of its members. The group currently has a membership of about 50 companies throughout the Midwest and U.S.

Two meetings are held semiannually in spring and fall. Meeting topics cover a wide range of subjects including plant security, equipment maintenance, fish protection, plant automation, public safety, and regulatory concerns. Speakers on various topics have included most HUG members as well as representatives of consulting firms, equipment suppliers, regulatory agencies, and universities.

The Midwest Hydro Users Group promotes and enhances the region's renewable waterpower resource and its many non-power benefits.