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WDNR Statewide AIS Coordinator Sharing Links

Hi everyone,

Thanks to all who attended the AIS Monitoring webinars! Special thanks to our presenters for sharing their expertise.  I received several requests for webinars. Below are links to the webinar recordings and PDFs of the PowerPoints. We hope to post these resources on the DNR AIS Monitoring Webpage.

April 21 1-3pm Boat Gear and Equipment Disinfection and Decontamination Manual Code

Anyone working under a DNR contract or permit must adhere to our disinfection manual code when working in/near surface water to prevent moving invasive species. Come learn what this manual code entails and how to be compliant. Feel welcome to bring questions.

Webinar Recording [Video] (53:49)

Presentation [PPT]

April 26 1-3pm Crayfish ID

Learn about laws regarding crayfish and native and invasive crayfish ID.

Webinar [Video] (1:45:50)

Presentation [PPT]

May 6 1-2pm How to take invasive species verification photos

Photos are a great way to verify identification of invasive species. Join this webinar to learn how to take the best photos to verify a species identity.

AIS Early Detection Verification Process

Instruction for reporting aquatic and wetland invasive species with photos

Webinar: [Video] (38:47)

Presentation: Verification & photos

May 10 1-2pm Invasive Aquatic Plants

Learn about how to identify common aquatic invasive plants.

Webinar Recording [Video] (42:01)

Presentation [PPT]

May 11 1-2pm Invasive Aquatic Animals

Learn about how to identify common invasive aquatic invertebrates.

Webinar Recording [Video] (23:34)

Presentation [PPT]

May 12 1-2pm Invasive Riparian Plants

Learn about how to identify common invasive riparian plants.

Webinar Recording [Video] (25:42)

Presentation [PPT]

May 13 1-3 Department of Natural Resources AIS monitoring protocol review

AIS monitoring is conducted by citizen, partner and staff. While protocols are similar, professional-level monitoring involves intensive surveys with special equipment. Come learn how professional-level AIS monitoring protocols are implemented.

Webinar Recording [Video] (1:10:44)

PPT Presentation [PDF]

May 14 1-2pm Upland-ish Invasive Plant ID

Learn about how to identify nearshore invasive plants.

Webinar Recording [Video] (18:32)

Presentation [PPT]


Here is a webinar that combines identification for all the species groups if you want to view at once:

Webinar Recording [Video] (1:51:28)

Presentation [PPT]