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It's Dam Safety Week in Wisconsin!

It's Dam Safety Week in Wisconsin!

 To highlight the importance of recognizing safe practices around dams as the spring fishing season begins Governor Walker has again issued a proclamation on Dam Safety. River flows typically hit their peak during the springtime, a time to be especially cognizant of the dangers. In Governor Walker's proclamation he states the following:
  • Wisconsin's rivers and waterways are important to the state's cultural and economic development
  • These waterways are a valuable natural resource serving as habitats for wildlife and supporting tourism, recreation, paper making, and commercial and municipal interests
  • Dams harness this renewable energy resource and manage the flow for everyone's benefit
  • Access to these waters is important but may also be a cause for safety concerns for those who use them
  • 'Every year, hundreds of people across the nation are killed or seriously injured by tragic accidents at dams
  • Most accidents at dams could be prevented by simply staying away from restricted areas and by learning about the dangers associated with dams
  • Individuals can practice dam safety by obeying all warning signs, respecting safety barriers, heeding horns or sirens, being alert to rapidly changing water conditions, practicing safe boating and canoeing, wearing a personal flotation device, and using caution when swimming, wading, and walking near a dam;